Authentic. Ambitious. Genuine. 

Carol Rowan is an artist, a philanthropist, a mother and a triathlete, based in Washington, D.C, where she works from her home studio.  A fine artist, whose focus on authenticity, heritage and Americana images, Carol has seen her works exhibited alongside Andrew and Jamie Wyeth, Mary Cassatt, Neil Welliver, Christo, Alex Katz and Alfred Bierstadt. Her piece "Bradford-On-Avon" was included in the exhibit “100 Years of Drawings,” where it hung between a Matisse and a Picasso. 

In addition to being proficient with a pencil and a maestro with a brush, Carol gives back by supporting organizations such as: the Maine Farmland Trust, the American Farmland Trust, the Chesapeake Bay, the Chester River Association, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Pratt Institute, Greens Farms Academy, Creative Mornings, A DC Creative and MadeInDC. 

Carol is a native of Rowayton, Connecticut and a graduate of Pratt Institute. When not in the studio, she's out for a run, on her single-speed bike or restoring, creating and making improvements to her farm home, located off the coast of Maine. 

"I don't want my work to confuse people -- I want them to linger in it." 
"I love being an artist and am truly grateful to so many people who have appreciated and collected my work, which has been exhibited in galleries and museums and purchased by private and corporate collectors across the US and abroad." -- Carol Rowan